Upcoming Events:

22nd July 2017, The massive fossil funerary collection of Qau el-Kebir – Seth’s bones rediscovered? Current British Archaeology in Egypt 2017, Egypt Exploration Society, London, UK. Event details here.

check back for more events soon…

Recent Past Events:

1st Nov 2016, Any old iron? A scientific and cultural interpretation of ancient Egyptian meteorite iron (poster presentation), University of Manchester, Extraterrestrial Materials Research Meeting, programme here

13th Feb 2016, Iron and the bones of Seth, at “Meeting the gods: interactions between mortals and the devine”, The Manchester Museum, UK, further details here

4th Nov 2015, Iron in Early Egypt, the predynastic Gerzeh cemetery meteorite beads (poster presentation), Natural History Museum, London, Meteorites and the solar system formation workshop.

24th July 2015, University of Manchester Egyptology event- From mummies to microchips. Poster 1: Iron in Early Egypt, the Predynastic cemetery meteorite beads, Poster 2: The iron bones of Seth and the fossil bones of Qau el-Kebir cemeteries. Event details

24th April 2015, Iron from the sky: the presence and perception of iron in ancient Egypt, The American Research Center in Egypt 66th Annual Meeting, Houston, Texas, USA. Abstracts available here

27th Sept 2014 2-5pm Space beads from ancient Egypt; making objects from meteorites, Royal Observatory Greenwich, UK, further details available here.

9th Sept 2014 The 77th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society, Casablanca, Morocco, Thermomechanical properties of meteorite iron and the use of meteorites in antiquity, abstract available here. Attendance at this conference was enabled by a Royal Microscopical Society travel bursary.

19th April 2013 The Royal Society, a public history of science lecture,  Iron from the Sky: the potential influence of meteorites on ancient Egyptian culture, invited lecture, watch it here